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End of the war

This video almost made me cry. It’s just so beautiful.

“We in it shall be remembered,

We few, we happy few,

We Band of Brothers”



So on the ride home from rock climbing between me and my roommate or AnonymousBurn we both decided that I should go through and re-look at my old stories and finish or improve them with my new writing abilities so I’ll see what I can do now. And that’s probably how I’ll waste my Saturday. Sitting with a carton of folders re-reading and decided what to keep, what to redo and what to give up on over all

So I went climbing for the first time today with my roommate/ person I live with. It was super fun and I’d love to do it again. There were a lot of nice people there and I felt really accomplished when I reached the top of on of the walls. I’d like this as like a sport I’ll do like weekly, hopefully. If I can. The first time I went up there I admit I freaked and had to come down but that first climb was the same one I later completed. I had a ton of fun and I got to hang out with my roommate so cool. We talked about a bunch of random stuff on the ride home and it was so cool to just talk with someone.


Today I visited York College with my mom and best friend. OMG the place is beautiful. There’s a fountain and the buildings are gorgeous and the people and soooo nice. I really like it there so I’m keeping it as a place I might go. In case people are wondering I want to go to college for creative writing so any college in Pennsylvania that has the program can you give me a heads up? I’d really appreciate that.

Today in my gym class we were, yet again, doing lacrosse. This time outside on our crappy turf field that gets into my shoes. So after they had us refresh on our skills, or for me lack there of, my teachers had us doing games of lacrosse against each other. So my team sucks. Let’s just get that out there. And the second team we played cheated. By the close to “end” of that game everyone on both teams were just standing around talking and tossing the lacrosse ball around. I was standing next to a friend of mine and I had the lacrosse stick held up against my body. Let me say I’m thankful to that lacrosse stick. The ball hit the basket of it and I realized that if the basket hadn’t been there the ball would have hit my throat. I was freaked out by that fact. I hate sports to begin with but when stuff like that happens, or I get hit in the face, I hate it more.

Music and Film

In my Music and Film class we were watching old movies and such. My favorite thing we watched was this one.

Gym Class

This is my least favorite class, Gym. Today they had us running around “cradling” lacrosse balls. We played Lacrosse. I can’t play sports much cause, I suck. And I have terrible hand eye coordination. So I was trying to throw the ball to my partner I almost hit the girl next to her. I did hit my one friend when we were doing a relay like thing. I felt so bad for hitting him. Though he did hit me earlier with the lacrosse ball. In the wrist though. The same friend and I were singing “Let it grow” from the Lorax. 😀 It was awesome cause he’s an amazing singer, he was one of the leads in the school Musical. That’s how good he is.

I saw this amazing Anime called Loki Ragnarok. Its about the Norse god Loki who got casted down to Earth and summons himself a “butler” named Yamino. Yamino is a very good caretaker of Loki. Loki and Yamino are found when a girl (the one with pink hair) named Mayura comes for their help.


My favorite character is one based off of Freyr from Norse Mythology. He’s goofy, stupid, and very caring about his little sister Freya, who he needs to find on Earth.

Scared crapless

So today at school my boyfriend scared the living hell out of me. He was standing by my locker being all quiet then all of a sudden BAM he hits his head a hard a possible against the tile wall. I jumped out of my skin. Then he walked me to my first mod class not saying a single word to me. I was shakey all through the class and I didn’t fell well. Later on he walked me to my third mod class and all of a sudden he was all lovey dovey with me. I was freaked out at that.

The first clip I ever saw of Band of Brothers was in my ninth grade English class. This is what we saw.