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Loki Ragnorok

I saw this amazing Anime called Loki Ragnarok. Its about the Norse god Loki who got casted down to Earth and summons himself a “butler” named Yamino. Yamino is a very good caretaker of Loki. Loki and Yamino are found when a girl (the one with pink hair) named Mayura comes for their help.


My favorite character is one based off of Freyr from Norse Mythology. He’s goofy, stupid, and very caring about his little sister Freya, who he needs to find on Earth.



Another anime I am quite fond of is one called Kuroshitsuji, which literally translates into English as “Black Butler.” It took me forever to figure that out by the way. Black Butler is about a young British boy named Ciel Phantomhive¬†who lost his parents in a fire and was tortured for, I believe, a month after the fire. Toward the end of that month Ciel summoned a demon who saved him and became his butler in exchange for Ciel’s soul. This anime is mainly about Ciel seeking revenge on the killers of his parents. There’s the manga, anime, and Musical of it. Two musicals actually. I roleplay as a character from the musical, a small, sickly man named Alan Humphries. He’s unfortunately dying from a disease¬†that only Grim Reapers, which his is, can get called the Thorns of death.


I will start this section with one of the animes I’ve probably watched the longest. It’s racist but I doesn’t discriminate from being racist and I don’t go comminting hate crimes off of it. This anime is Hetalia: Axis Powers. It’s about if the countries of the world were human. It takes sterotypes and makes them into people. For example America, is loud, obnoxious and in everyone’s buisness. Poland is a valley girl and very ditsy. Poland, who is actually male is my character. I have a cosplay costume for him and I’m proud to be him. My real life best friend is, coincedently, Poland’s best friend in the anime, Lithuania. They act a lot alike and my friend looks like Lithuania so it’s reallly good. The anime takes stereotypes and makes it really funny. If you’re sensitive to that kind of stuff I don’t suggest watching it.