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End of the war

This video almost made me cry. It’s just so beautiful.

“We in it shall be remembered,

We few, we happy few,

We Band of Brothers”



The first clip I ever saw of Band of Brothers was in my ninth grade English class. This is what we saw.

“Being X.O. put Winters into daily contact with Nixon, by now battalion S-3. They hardly could have been more different. Winters grew up in a middle-class family; Nixon’s father was fabulously wealthy. Winters had not gotten out of Pennsylvania in his teenage years; Nixon had lived in various parts of Europe. Winters was a graduate of a small college; Nixon came from Yale. Winters never drank; Nixon was an alcoholic. But they were the closest of friends, because what they had in common was a dedication to the job at hand, and a remarkable ability to do that job.”

Doc Roe

“He was there when he was needed, and how he got ‘there’ you often wondered. He never received recognition for his bravery, his heroic servicing of the wounded. I recommended him for a Silver Star after a devastating fire-fight when his exploits were typically outstanding. Maybe I didn’t use the proper words and phrases, perhaps Lieutenant Dike didn’t approve, or somewhere along the line it was cast aside. I don’t know. I never knew except that if any man who struggled in the snow and the cold, in many attacks through the open and through the woods ever deserved such a medal, it was our medic, Gene Roe.”

Lieutenant Foley

Doc's Prayer

Okay so I was watching Band of Brothers Part 7 Breaking Point and I’d like to share something about a few people who died.

Warren Muck: Died age 22. Took a mortar to his foxhole, with his friend. Nickname:Skip

Alex Penkala: Died age 21. Was with Muck in the foxhole.

They were so young! I mean…wow. There’s a 5 year difference between me and Muck when he died and a 6 year difference between me and Penkala. That’s scary!

Muck's the one poking Peknala in the ear with a spoon

This soldier, I practically fell in love with this man while watching Band of Brothers. I must say the actor Matthew Settle (Whom I will make a topic of another blog entry) is a sexy man

. He did a magnificent job of portraying Captain Speirs. The man made me squirm. He was so serious and cold but such an amazing soldier. There’s a quote that he says completely without blinking and it goes,

“The only hope you have is to accept that fact that you’re already dead,

the sooner you accept that the sooner you’ll be able to function as a soldier’s supposed to function:

without Mercy

Without compassion

without remorse, all war depends upon it.”

Yet he can still find some way to look so sad and, dare i say it, cute when he finds out that President Roosevelt had died. This man is amazing. ❤

I am currently obsessed with a mini-series called Band of Brothers. It’s about Easy Company from the 101st Airborne. I will be posting quotes and facts I liked about the men along with pictures of them.