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Hey, just letting everyone know what’s going on new. I’m back from Florida. It was amazing I’m considering going to University of West Florida. I’ve started watching BBC Sherlock, Amazing series. I love the actors in there. And I’ve started 11th grade. I have AP Language with I’m struggling in. It sucks. It’s like ‘oh you’re done your essay? Here’s a rewrite. Here’s another!’ I’m also taking Latin so once I get better I might post something in Latin. Just to flaunt my ability. I’m currently battling a sinus infections and that’s never fun. I’ve had them since I was literally one. So that’s all the fun new stuff. I’ll try to post more frequently bu no promises.



I’m leaving for Florida soon. I want to try to keep up with this a little when down there. I’ll tell you what’s up as much as possible.