Category: Love

My shortest relationship

So, recently I was in a relationship. My shortest oneĀ  yet, it latest about one month. And it was with a girl who I cared for and still care for very very deeply. Last Friday she broke up with me and I sobbed. Then I went to therapy and sobbed some more. Then this past Monday she started going out with her one ex who, if I may point out from seeing them together before, is a total ass. The best/worst part is the fact that this girl and I are still best friends. So, while I have the comfort of not loosing a best friend, I also have the displeasure of watching her be “happy” with this guy. And that’s depressing. After we broke up my depression got stronger. It was always there underlying but I could work and live with it. Now I’m just really depressed. I still love this girl though, and I always will.


My heart’s out there

I’m about to throw my heart out there for the guy I really like. He’s kind and perfect to me. But he’s with someone else. He told me he liked me earlier in the summer then said he moved on at the start of the school year. So I wrote him a full page letter throwing my heart out on the line for him. Telling him how I feel and how he hurt me. So wish me luck.