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So, I saw the Avengers last night with two of my friends. Holy.Crap. That was probably the best movie EVER~! I loved it soooo much. I’d see it again and again and again and then I’d buy it on DVD and then I’d watch it so many times I can recite Tony Stark’s lines. It was that good.



So I got to watch Mulan in English class because we were learning about Chinese culture, Daoism, Confucianism, Buddhism, and Legalism. I’d like to say somethings here,

1. Mulan’s Chinese? I mean I knew she was an Asian character but I thought she was Japanese than BAM! I found out she was Chinese. Not that it matters much cause she’s still awesome. I was just shocked.

2. Mulan is TECHNICALLY not a princess. She’s a warrior. And she married a Captain of the Chinese Army. So not a princess.

3. The Emperor guy reminded me of what I though Confucius should look like. He’s awesome too.

4. Mulan was a myth in Chinese history. But Disney buttered her up. I like her better Disney version personally.

The Lorax

I recently went and saw The Lorax in the movie theater. I liked it and found it really cute. I really liked the Once-ler’s song   It’s really catchy. I really like Taylor Swift and she did the main female character’s voice named, Audrey. Betty White also does a voice in the movie and she’s funny as always. I would suggest seeing the movie, it follows the book for the most part, not page for page and word for word though, but it’s worth seeing. Another good song it’s called Let It Grow. It’s a really moving song.