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So far I have and A in Latin. I also had an A last semester. I feel smart! My mom told me that Latin is a hard language to learn and here I am with an A and it’s easy to me. I’m super proud of myself. BUUUTTTT on the down side, the other students are, for the most part, annoying in my class. They’re loud and obnoxious.


My heart’s out there

I’m about to throw my heart out there for the guy I really like. He’s kind and perfect to me. But he’s with someone else. He told me he liked me earlier in the summer then said he moved on at the start of the school year. So I wrote him a full page letter throwing my heart out on the line for him. Telling him how I feel and how he hurt me. So wish me luck.


Hey, just letting everyone know what’s going on new. I’m back from Florida. It was amazing I’m considering going to University of West Florida. I’ve started watching BBC Sherlock, Amazing series. I love the actors in there. And I’ve started 11th grade. I have AP Language with I’m struggling in. It sucks. It’s like ‘oh you’re done your essay? Here’s a rewrite. Here’s another!’ I’m also taking Latin so once I get better I might post something in Latin. Just to flaunt my ability. I’m currently battling a sinus infections and that’s never fun. I’ve had them since I was literally one. So that’s all the fun new stuff. I’ll try to post more frequently bu no promises.


I am FINALLY finished my tenth grade year! Did my last final today. It was pretty easy. So far I know I got good grades. I’m totally going to pass school.

So yesterday I broke up with my boyfriend. I felt uncomfortable about it. I cried but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do. I was unhappy and I felt that he was controlling in the relationship. So I ended it. That’s that

Well, today could have been better but at the same time could have been worse. So my boyfriend asked if I wanted to do something Sunday and I said, “No I’m sorry I already have plans” so he asked about Saturday and I replied “I have plans then too” and he got all pissy at me. What I truely have to say to that is, Grow the fuck up. I have plans and I’m not going to break them just for you. If a family member got hurt, or someone close to me got hurt; then yes I’d break them, but not to just hang out with someone else. I made a commitment and I plan onĀ  keeping that. If you have a problem with it the in the words of Sergeant Ratchmen for Inglorious Bastards, “FUCK YOU” and if you think I’m going to just buckle under and let you walk all over me, as General McAuliffe responsed to the German offer of surrender — “Nuts!”. This is again a rant. Thank you to all who actually read it. And advice would be greatly appriciated


Went to my first prom last night. It was pretty cool. I got to dress up really pretty and get my hair and makeup done. It was themed “A Night in Paris”. Well my school so cheep that all they did was print out pictures of the Eiffel Tower and tape them to the floor. Wow creativity. I borrowed my older sister’s dress.


Today I visited York College with my mom and best friend. OMG the place is beautiful. There’s a fountain and the buildings are gorgeous and the people and soooo nice. I really like it there so I’m keeping it as a place I might go. In case people are wondering I want to go to college for creative writing so any college in Pennsylvania that has the program can you give me a heads up? I’d really appreciate that.

Today in my gym class we were, yet again, doing lacrosse. This time outside on our crappy turf field that gets into my shoes. So after they had us refresh on our skills, or for me lack there of, my teachers had us doing games of lacrosse against each other. So my team sucks. Let’s just get that out there. And the second team we played cheated. By the close to “end” of that game everyone on both teams were just standing around talking and tossing the lacrosse ball around. I was standing next to a friend of mine and I had the lacrosse stick held up against my body. Let me say I’m thankful to that lacrosse stick. The ball hit the basket of it and I realized that if the basket hadn’t been there the ball would have hit my throat. I was freaked out by that fact. I hate sports to begin with but when stuff like that happens, or I get hit in the face, I hate it more.

Music and Film

In my Music and Film class we were watching old movies and such. My favorite thing we watched was this one.