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Cliché much?

So I know it seems really cliché, but I’m falling for my best friend. His name’s Nolan and he is the nicest guy I’ve ever met. He’s nice, funny, and just perfect. So yeah. We talked about our feelings, because we are best friends, and we decided not to go out just yet. But he’s just so nice


Holy Crap

I just got home from FOUR days at a friend’s house. Holy crap, I got bored at times. I didn’t eat much but when I did it wasn’t the healthiest food so I don’t know if I gained or lost weight. Hopefully lost by mericle. That would be awesome.


So apperantly I’m a theripist to my friends. People always seem to turn to me and tell me their compaints. And Honestly I don’t mind. I’m happy that people feel they could confide in me. I love my friends


I’m getting so stressed out. I feel like everyone in my family is aruging with each other. I’m so fucking excited to get out of my house even if just for one night. My sister and mom and yelling at each other and I’m just so tired of it. I can not wait until I go to college. And until I go down to Florida. It’s just so sucky and I just don’t know what to do anymore.

My grandfather

So yesterday was the first time in since Christmas since I saw my grandfather, and it kind of sucked. He looked really bad. I personally couldn’t tell but the Aunt that took me with her mentioned that he looked pale and was loosing his hair. My grandfather is fighting prostate cancer in his bones. Its incurable. I believe it was almost a year ago that I was first informed that he had cancer. It was after my great-grandmother died. I don’t know how to feel about any of this. Part of me says I should be crying but another part of me doesn’t know him well enough to cry. I’m visiting him again today. I’m scared to see how his is. I’ll post with that later

rock Climbing

So I went climbing for the first time today with my roommate/ person I live with. It was super fun and I’d love to do it again. There were a lot of nice people there and I felt really accomplished when I reached the top of on of the walls. I’d like this as like a sport I’ll do like weekly, hopefully. If I can. The first time I went up there I admit I freaked and had to come down but that first climb was the same one I later completed. I had a ton of fun and I got to hang out with my roommate so cool. We talked about a bunch of random stuff on the ride home and it was so cool to just talk with someone.

Out of shape

So I discovered today I’m really out of shape. I was running up my yard to goto my mom and give her something. Along the way I hurt my ankel and punched my necklace. I got to her and was out of breath. I didn’t run far what-so-ever. So I ran back to the back do after that, while singing an Easy Company song and by the time I got that I was really panting. I felt so pathetic about myself. So I need to learn how to run. Especcially before I have to run the mile again this year for school. I walked it last year no matter how much the teachers told me to run. 😀


Hey everyone. I just wanted to say that I’m getting started and will post something in every category. I hope you enjoy my blog