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A sweet person, always there

Always knows what to say

They may be in Heaven

Or right next to you

Your own angel, just right for you

Knows how to care

You may not seem them

Or hear them, but they’re there

They know what you’re going through

They do care, more than anything

They’re your angels, and you are their charges.

They’re sent to help you, to listen

So talk with them. It will help.



So on the ride home from rock climbing between me and my roommate or AnonymousBurn we both decided that I should go through and re-look at my old stories and finish or improve them with my new writing abilities so I’ll see what I can do now. And that’s probably how I’ll waste my Saturday. Sitting with a carton of folders re-reading and decided what to keep, what to redo and what to give up on over all

Hold My Hand

A small gesture that tells a lot

It gives security

It shows love

It shows friendship

Holding someone’s hand gives them comfort

It tells them you’re there and you care.

It is the best way to say I love you.

No Matter whom you talk to.

The Dalai Lama says, “We can live without religion and meditation, but we cannot survive without human affection.” I agree with what the Dalai Lama says completely. For example I do not have a religion and I also do not meditate, but I enjoy being with certain people and I can become extremely close to someone. I enjoy showing people I care by hugging them and I thrive off of affection from my friends and family. Therefore I feel that a person does not need a religion but I do believe everyone needs the warmth of human affection.

The Breaking Point

Everyone reaches it.

Their breaking point.

It’s that time when nothing mattes anymore.

It’s the time when every little thing bothers you,

Sends you over the edge.

It’s painful

And you can’t control it.

That moment when nothing holds your interest anymore,
when every class in school is miserable.

When every memory,

Every insult,

Every word

Can make you break.

Can make you crumble.

It’s your breaking point.

It doesn’t matter what age you are.

You can be a young child

Or an elderly person

A hormonal teenager

Or a strong soldier.

Say goodbye:

To your strength

To your ability to control your emotions.

Whether you’re at home

Or in the middle of the class room where everyone can see you,

That is, if they know you’re there.

It doesn’t matter anymore,

Why should it?

They don’t matter.

The only thing that matters is forcing that smile.

The one that keeps people believing nothing’s wrong.

That fools everyone around you.

You smile so much, you almost convince yourself nothing’s wrong.

Then someone does it:

They say something, they do something, and it breaks you.

You break down.

And when it happens you’re alone.

No one’s there.

But that leads to the question: was anyone ever there?

Do people honestly care what you think? How you feel?

It’s the time when you just give up. Let the world consume you.

Just forget it: there’s no one there except you.

And the ones who put you there.

The ones who are capable of breaking you.

Reducing you to tears. And they know it:

At least some of them do.

Others are oblivious to what you feel,

Or that everything they say sends you over the edge.

The ones that know do it on purpose.

They don’t care

They live to make your life miserable.

Every day.

So these tears that stain my cheeks.

They were shed because of what some people might think is pointless reason.

Sometimes it’s true.

I cry and I don’t know why I’m crying.

Then there are times that they have meaning.

My loss of a family or friend

My inability to keep friends on a long-distance friendship.

What I sometimes see as my own worthlessness.

So why do you honestly care?

Do you really?

Because I don’t believe it anymore.

There’s no reason to.

You gave up on what I attempted to hold strong and mend.

If you don’t care anymore; just tell me.

Sure it will hurt; sure I’ll cry:

But it is so much better than leading me on like this.

I love you still, no matter what you do.